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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Hello to all my fellow Allen residents,

 My name is Snober Lakhani and I am running for Allen ISD School Board Place 5. I am passionate about serving all children and families as this allows me to make an impact within our community.

 I am a mother of 3 children, my youngest son is a toddler, I have an older son in elementary school, and my oldest is at middle school. I believe in great public school education and supporting the needs of parents who value the same for their children.

 As a public health nurse, (RN) I care about the health, safety and well being of all community members. I want to ensure we act in local areas with fiscal responsibility and transparency for the taxpayers of Allen ISD. The end product should be an education which is unbiased, and a mesh of all values which can provide children with the opportunity to thrive in order to attain the best futures. I strongly believe that everyone in Allen should be heard and respected. I believe partisanship and politics have no place in public school governance.

 In the past, I have supported local civic community organizations and been involved in outreach with my religious community in order to bring various health clinics and services to underserved families across the United States. My work in Maternal Child Nursing and relationship with patients has been key in fueling my passion for helping others.  

 All the wonderful things which Allen ISD has to offer drew my husband, Shakeel Lakhani, and I back home to Collin County about 2 years ago. We specifically chose Allen so that our children have the same opportunities as I had growing up. We saw Allen to be the ideal place to raise our children and make impacts on the local community. I would be honored to hold a position on the Allen ISD school board and be given the opportunity to serve the community.

 I look forward to meeting and speaking with many of you over the next several weeks. Feel free to reach out to me for more information. 

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