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My Priorities

Science Class

Health and safety for all students, teachers and staff. I will ensure all students, teachers and staff are given an environment which is safe and healthy. For students I want to ensure a safe and healthy environment which can foster the capacity to start and continue lifelong learning. This is holistic health, which encompasses mental and physical well being.

Person Participating in Video Call

Being a leader and supporter for all students in Allen ISD. I want to ensure unbiased support for students who are in need of Allen ISD’s Special Services Program, General Education, or Gifted and Talented Program so they can all thrive and be prepared for their future. All students,  despite their need and ability are entitled to fair and just education access. Parents are the first advocates of students and they need a respectful and fair opportunity to be heard when needs are being asked for.  I am open to ensuring that all are heard.  

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Transparency to the Allen ISD community. This includes financial responsibility and transparency from the ISD to local taxpayers who are contributing to the community and deserve the awareness of where funds in the ISD budget are being allocated to use. I stand by this. Transparency also includes an open door environment where all parents, and teachers are heard by the ISD. There are needs which are brought forward for the teacher to be successful in teaching the children are heard and are addressed.

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